As the leading supplier to clients throughout North America for the last seven and a half decades, Kent Rubber Supply are industry leaders when it comes to custom rubber hoses, gaskets, and other products. We have worked hard to build long-term relationships with clients in various industries, including pharmaceutical, petroleum, food and beverage, and many others that require the safe transfer of fluids in their facilities. We also provide a number of dependable services to ensure that your business operation runs efficiently and safely. In today’s post, we will discuss the number of services Kent Rubber Supply can provide for your business.

Supply Chain Efficiency to Help Control Your Inventory

Kent Rubber Supply offers quality custom rubber hoses, gaskets, and other products for a number of applications, all of which can be made in compliance with OEM delivery requirements. Because of this, we can manage all of your SKUs to get a complete understanding of your inventory. We can then provide you with supply chain efficiency service to ensure that you always have the right rubber products you need without any interruption to your day-to-day operation due to insufficient inventory.

Hose Testing Service to Make Sure Your Equipment Runs Properly

Equipment that requires rubber hoses for the transferal of liquids need to have those connections securely fitted to avoid any leaking or bursting. Not only can these types of issues be messy, but they can make the work area dangerous with slippery surfaces or burns with liquids at hot temperatures. Kent Rubber Supply has specialized equipment that allows us to perform tests on rubber hoses with pressure up to 21,750 pounds per square inch. These tests will ensure that the rubber hoses you receive are strong enough to facilitate the movement of liquid without even the smallest of leaks. Our procedures allow us to save and repeat these test sequences, giving reliable data as all tests will be completed within the same parameters for greater accuracy and consistency.

Custom Molded Rubber Products for Your Unique Specifications

Kent Rubber Supply has state-of-the-art equipment, including our IntelliScanner Shape Acquisition System, that allows us to make custom gaskets, seals, bumpers, hoses, and other custom rubber products to your precise specifications. This means that whether you need replacement parts for existing equipment or custom parts for newly designed equipment, you can count on our team to provide you with high quality custom parts that will work exactly the way you need them to. For more information about how our professionals can help you, please contact us.