Hydraulic fittings and adapters

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Kent Rubber’s expansive offering of hydraulic fittings and adapters is one of the keys to our success. Our team is comprised of individuals with a broad range of engineering knowledge and experience, allowing us to offer creative solutions to our clients’ hydraulic system needs. We work tirelessly to provide cost-efficient, effective solutions that deliver high-quality performance. If you’ve been searching for a provider of the industry’s best hydraulic fittings and adapters, you can be confident that Kent Rubber can deliver better working pressures, higher speeds, and a reduced footprint in your facility.

Aeroquip® 1AA12MB8 AER 1AA12MB8 | Tipco Technologies

Hydraulic crimp fittings

  • NPT, British, JIC
  • O-Ring Boss (ORB) & Face Seal Fittings (ORFS)
  • Code 61, Code 62
  • Reusable
  • Tube Fittings
  • O-Ring Boss (ORB) & Face Seal Fittings (ORFS)
  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings
  • FLARE-O®(tightest Seal in the market)
  • International & Metric
  • Test Point Adapters
  • VOSS – DIN Compression Fittings

Hydraulic quick couplers

  • ISO 7241-1 Series A (600 Series) Interchanges with Parker 6600 Series, Snap-Tite 61 Series, and Aeroquip 5600 Series
  • ISO 7241-1 Series B (700 Series) Interchanges with Parker 60 Series, Snap-Tite 72 Series, and Aeroquip FD45 Series
  • ISO 16028 Flushface  Interchanges with Parker FEM Series, Faster FF Series, Snap-Tite 74, and Holmbury Series A
  • Wet Line Couplings Interchanges with Parker 6100 Series, Snap-Tite 78 Series, and Aeroquip 5100 Series
  • Eaton Aeroquip 5600 series Iso.A, 5100 series wing-nut, FD45 series Iso.B, 5400 series refrigerant, FD49 HTMA interchange and FD90 Diagnostic J1502
  • Stucci, MULTI-COUPLING PLATES, Screw together HD constant Pressure VEP
  • Dixon/Perfecting fittings, including their Snaptite 71 series interchange
  • Faster 2FFI series ISO16028, 3FFI series connect-under-pressure, and Multi-Faster 4FFI series coupling block for automatic connection of multiple lines.
  • Hansen ST straight through, HK series Iso.B in steel, brass, and stainless steel, FF series ISO16028 flat-face, DB series 316 stainless steel flat-face

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