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Kent Rubber’s OEM strategic alliance program ensures that our customers have access to high-quality custom hose, die cut gaskets, and other custom rubber products. This availability helps them to be as successful as possible in the ever-evolving and increasingly competitive global economy. Our growth in our OEM partnerships is largely due to our ability to react swiftly to our partners’ needs, whether they are in the prototyping and testing stages or need an easy, swift way to adjust their current production schedules.

We boast a number of world-class domestic and global partnerships and an extensive inventory that allows us to solve a multitude of customer issues. With the ability to act as a single, centralized source, we offer a wide range of products to OEM’s needing the best possible partner to improve their supply chain needs, whether through pricing, quality, or delivery.



Our OEM products include:

  • Hydraulic and industrial bulk hose and assemblies
  • Hydraulic and industrial fittings and couplings
  • Die cut or flash cut gaskets
  • Custom molded rubber products, included gaskets and hoses
  • Alternative fuel hoses and fittings
  • CNG, LNG, and LPG hose solutions
  • High purity hoses, fittings, and kits
  • Custom tubing

Our OEM services include:

  • Engineering and drawing
  • Private labeling of hose and tubing
  • Testing and certifying
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Custom hose, gasket, and/or fitting kitting
  • ISO standards

Supply Chain Efficiency Program

KRS is a One-Stop source for supply chain performance. All of our products can be made to meet OEM’s competitive, quality, and timely delivery requirements. We can manage several of your SKU’s so than can be stocked by us, delivered when your production demand requires, and packed or kitted to reduce multiple line shipping costs. We have global and domestic alliances in addition to our expansive in house capabilities to ensure your getting the best product for the optimal price.


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