Kent Rubber Supply has all of your sanitary hose and fitting needs covered. With 3-A class certification, we can offer a wide variety of top quality custom sanitary hose and accessories for just about any application. In today’s post, we will discuss the options Kent Rubber Supply has available for all of your sanitary hose needs.

Sanitary Hose and All the Fittings You Need

When you need sanitary hose for your operation, there are any number of other accessories that are required to maintain sanitary standards. Kent Rubber Supply has a full selection of fittings, valves, clamps, and other accessories to ensure your sanitary hoses are not compromised. This is especially important for applications in the restaurant or pharmaceutical industries, where contamination of the liquid can cause serious problems. For nearly 80 years, we have provided quality products and excellent customer service to clients throughout North America, and we’re committed to maintaining all of the long-term relationships we have built over the years.

In addition to providing you with quality hoses and accessories, we can also provide you with reliable management to ensure that you always have the products you need to keep you operation running smoothly. We have a Supply Chain Efficiency Program through which we can manage several SKUs to meet your production demands. No matter what sanitary hoses and accessories you need, count on Kent Rubber Supply for the best quality and service in the market. Contact Us today.