Are your suppliers not meeting your needs in regards to OEM and custom rubber products? Are they not on time lately with your products? Kent Rubber Supply is a centralized source for all your OEM needs. If you need a partner for the best rubber products, then Kent Rubber Supply is the place for your OEM and custom rubber product needs.

For over 70 years, Kent Rubber Supply has been a leading supplier of OEM and custom rubber products. With domestic and global partnerships, as well as an ability to react promptly and smoothly to our partner’s needs, whether it’s in the prototyping or another stage, and an extensive inventory of products such as custom tubing, and hydraulic hose and assemblies, fittings, and couplings, it helps us solve a lot of problems that can arise with OEM customers. This allows us to have an ability to adjust schedules and other needs to help our OEM customers get products out on time or within the timeframe requested while still maintaining high quality and an affordable price for our customers.

OEM Services

With our company, we provide OEM services to customers that need services such as engineering and drawing, testing and certifying, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), fitting and/or kitting for custom hoses and gaskets, and private labeling for your custom hoses and tubes to ensure that these services meet ISO standards.

At Kent Rubber Supply, we want our customers to always feel welcome and respected. We value our business with every customer, and strive to provide the highest quality, and most cost-effective rubber products. If you need to improve your supply chain needs, through quality, pricing, or delivery, stop in to Kent Rubber Supply today for your OEM and custom rubber product needs.