Kent Rubber Supply offers a full range of rubber hoses and accessories for a wide variety of applications. We have the capability to create custom rubber hoses that meet your specifications and perform the way you need them to. We offer hoses for hydraulic and industrial applications, and even sanitary hose for food and beverage, medical, or pharmaceutical companies. No matter what your company needs, you can count on the experts at Kent Rubber Supply to provide you with products that meet your same high standard of quality. In today’s post, we will discuss the types of hoses we offer to companies throughout the country.

Sanitary Hoses for Any Industry

Sanitary hoses are crucial to the pharmaceutical, medical, and food and beverage industries. These industries not only need hoses that will seal properly, but will also protect the liquid from any impurities or contaminants. Kent Rubber Supply can supply you with fully-tested, quality sanitary hoses that are perfect for use in these industries. We have one of the largest selections of sanitary hoses and accessories in the industry. We are a 3-A class approved sanitary hose assembler, providing our clients with the most reliable solutions on the market. We can even provide you with crimpnology services to ensure the best possible seal, and we can create custom hoses for unique situations. Read more about our sanitary hose and fittings by clicking this link.

Reliable Hydraulic Hoses for Superior Performance

Hydraulic systems need dependable hoses for proper functionality. A failure in the hose will result in a loss of pressure, which can be catastrophic, especially when it comes to heavy machinery and equipment. Kent Rubber Supply provides clients throughout the country with high quality hydraulic hoses. We have the capability to test hoses up to 21,750 pounds per square inch, so you can rely on your hydraulic hoses to perform under even the most extreme conditions. We can even provide you with custom hydraulic hoses to meet unique specifications.

Rubber Industrial Hose For All Your Needs

Kent Rubber Supply has effective solutions for all your industrial hose needs, for everything from cleaning equipment and vacuums to welding, petroleum, and more. We can test your hose to confirm its quality, and we can provide you with fittings and crimpnology services to ensure the best possible seal to keep your equipment working properly. No matter what your rubber hose needs may be, you can count on Kent Rubber Supply to provide the highest quality solutions on the market. Contact us for more information about the hose we can provide for your business.