Kent Rubber Supply has been the providing customers throughout North America with superior custom rubber home, gaskets, and other rubber products for more than 75 years. Clients in a number of industries, including food and beverage, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and many others count on us for a wide range of services from custom molded rubber hoses and seals to supply chain efficiency to help improve their processes and keep the businesses running successfully. Read further for more information about the many services offer by Kent Rubber Supply to the benefit of your business.

Supply Chain Efficiency to Maintain Your Inventory

Kent Rubber Supply can manage all of your SKUs to ensure that you always have the parts that you need stocked and ready to go. Our products can all be made to comply with OEM delivery requirements, so you can rest assured that the parts you get will perform the way you need them to.

Be Confident in Your Hoses with Our Hose Testing Services

When you order custom hose from Kent Rubber Supply, you get peace of mind knowing that the hose will be able to handle the amount of pressure required for your operation. We have the capabilities to complete proof or burst tests on rubber hosing with a maximum pressure of 21,750 pounds per square inch. We can even save your sequence for further testing and provide you with a printout of the testing results for you to keep for your records.

We Can Create Custom Molded Rubber

Kent Rubber Supply has an IntelliScanner Shape Acquisition System that allows us to create a wide range of custom rubber products like seals, bumpers, and hoses with a higher standard of quality and focus on precision to ensure that your needs are met by every product you order from us.

We Can Prototype what You Need Before it Goes Into Mass Production

If you have a new or discontinued part you need made for your equipment, Kent Rubber Supply can use our dieless flash cut machine to create a prototype part that will allow you to fully test how the part functions before the part goes into production.

Die Cutting Service for Custom Parts

Kent Rubber Supply can take a drawn concept for a new gasket or other part and use our die cutting presses to allow us to produce new seals, gaskets, and any other custom rubber products in the material you need.

If you have a drawn concept for a new gasket or another part, we can bring them to life using one of our many die cutting presses, allowing us to produce gaskets, seals, and other custom rubber products in a number of different materials. Contact us and let us know how we can assist with your business today.